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No Limits

No Limits

Welcome to ReCreate-U! I believe there are no limits in life except for the ones we create for ourselves. My goal is to help U get in touch with the child within, LEARN how to RECreate and thereby, REcreate yourself into the U you wish to become. [spacer...

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When U Wish Upon a Star

When U Wish Upon a Star

Play and leisure time are essential for creativity, innovation and our relationships. They are crucial to your survival and your overall sense of well-being. A child’s imagination and desire to seek out playful moments is endless. Unfortunately, as adults, we have...

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WELLNESS occurs when your physical, social, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual aspects of you are working in harmony.

ReCreate-U approaches WELLNESS holistically which means we consider each of these aspects while assisting you in your journey towards health, healing, and WELLNESS.



A FIT LIFE explores the inter-connectedness between physical activity, nutrition, environmental health, and healthy lifestyle choices. Develop the skill sets to become healthy and fit.


How do U choose a leisure activity? What do U do in your leisure time? Why?

Leisure ability requires knowledge and awareness of what leisure experiences are available to U. Knowledge alone, however, will not result in sustained participation. An intrinsic desire to participate must occur for U to continue your involvement in any leisure activity. What you choose to do must have meaning.

Barb Casper

Recreation Therapist and Wellness Seeker

“One of my greatest joys has always been to see individuals get healthier and help them realize their goals and exceed their expectations. 

– Barb Casper, Recreation Therapist

Wellness, the pursuit of happiness and living a full life  is a journey often riddled with barriers and obstacles.

Obstacles to wellness, happiness and self-actualization include:

  • physical illness
  • emotional setbacks
  • the aging process
  • a lack of opportunities
  • financial constraints
  • limited awareness of knowledge and options
  • the fear of change
  • a lack of commitment
  • the lack of tenacity and follow through
  • the unwillingness to change

If your life has become less than what U imagined it could be, perhaps U are facing several of these wellness barriers? If you have given up, become complacent or succumbed to a life devoid of positive life experiences, events and activities, it’s time for A BETTER U! It’s time to ReCreate U!

Nothing happens on its own devoid of effort or the willingness to change. Let’s get started…

Our Commitment

ReCreate-U is  committed to providing programs,  products and services designed to promote physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual health and wellness for those individuals seeking information.

We believe these programs should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of an individual’s income level, age, race, gender or their physical, social, cognitive or emotional limitations.

The Internet is a place where information about nutrition exercise, leisure, spiritual and cognitive activities and programs designed to promote a sense of well-being can easily be disseminated. We plan to take full advantage of the many digital resources which are available to help U become the U you wish to be.

It’s time to relax, recharge, rejuvenate and reinvest in U. We look forward to spending time with U and help U reach your goals and dreams!

CONNECT ~ GROW ~ SHARE ~ INSPIRE provides simple wisdom, tips,  quotes, programs, and products to inspire, motivate, promote growth and personal improvement. Your physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual being will thank U. A New U Awaits!

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Reach for the stars. They won’t be able to resist flying into your hands! Believe in yourself and follow your dreams!


The content on is designed to assist U in your wellness journey and augment, not replace professional health and wellness advice and services.

Always consult a professional to establish a health and wellness plan.

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