About Our Logo

What’s the meaning behind the image?

At ReCreate-U, I believe U are only as free as U allow ourself to be. Do U feel trapped inside fences whether they are self-imposed or unavoidable obstacles beyond your control? Do U find yourself unable to get off the continuous pendulum of life long enough to take a break and open the gate directly in front of U?

U say U have tried everything and nothing works! If U feel stuck there are reasons behind why the gate remains closed despite your best efforts. If your mind and your actions are not in sync and U don’t resonate with what U need to do or where U need to be in life, U will never achieve the goals U have set for yourself. U will only resonate and be in sync with the world and be up for the challenges U face when U understand the concept of rhythm and being in the groove.



Often in life, there are setbacks that challenge U. U have to be willing to go backwards to find enough momentum to move forward and rise above these barriers. Once U understand the concept of rhythm and being in the groove U will finally become aware of the vast universe which awaits U. Sometimes, in life, it’s all about maintaining the correct speed and a consistent rhythm. If U take it too slow or too fast U will not be able to produce enough kinetic energy to reach your potential energy.

It’s at the peak of your performance when U reach your full potential and achieve self-actualization. Self-actualization is the realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potentialities, especially when it’s considered a drive or need present within U. Potential energy is the energy that is created when U achieve that child-like feeling of exhilaration and sheer joy and fully realize what U are capable of achieving and becoming. Your potential energy is that “Woo-Hoo” moment when you leap into the unknown and land firmly on your feet!

The stars are within reach! It’s time to learn to RECreate to REcreate U into everything U have ever dreamed of!