Play and leisure time are essential for creativity, innovation and our relationships. They are crucial to your survival and your overall sense of well-being.

A child’s imagination and desire to seek out playful moments is endless. Unfortunately, as adults, we have become programmed to set aside our play time to engage in more “productive” behaviors. We place our dreams and joy on the back burner and, instead, bow to society’s expectations of how we ‘SHOULD’ behave and what we “SHOULD” do with our lives and our free time. We never truly learn to ‘JUST BE’ letting relaxation and leisure fill our senses and our soul. My goals for this blog is to lead U along a path where U begin to take care of  YOURSELF and learn to ‘JUST BE’ rather than filling all of your time with ‘PRODUCTIVE’ behavior.

ReCreate-U is all about recognizing the importance of play, leisure and being OK with just ‘being’. It’s about insuring your free time becomes a priority in your busy life.

“Just as our view of work affects our real experience of it, so does our view of leisure. If our mindset conceives of free time, hobby time, or family time as non-productive, then we will, in fact, make it a waste of time.”  ― Shawn Achor