Life can turn on its head at any given moment. Be prepared for setbacks.

Setbacks in life are normal especially when it comes to following through and sticking with plans to reach your full potential.

Enthusiasm and Resolve Are Not Enough

Yes, U may be ready for change and willing to put in the work necessary to meet your goals. U may approach your goals with enthusiasm and resolve. Understand your enthusiasm may fizzle if U thinking STARTING to work on yourself is going to be enough. Resolve and opening up yourself to change is only the beginning.

Setbacks Are Stepping Stones

Reaching your full potential might take a lifetime. Be prepared for setbacks by tossing in a dose of reality at the outset. Before U begin to work on changing and becoming the ultimate U, it’s important to recognize that U will experience some setbacks along the way. Despite the best laid plans and intentions, setbacks are virtually inevitable and that’s OK.

Recognize it’s how U view your setbacks that will define U and determine whether or not U reach your goals. Where U are compared to where U would like to end up may seem like a long and arduous journey. If U define your setbacks as failures, you will give up and never realize your desires because the end goal seems too far off.

Break the journey down into feasible and manageable steps and congratulate yourself for how far U have come rather than focusing on far U have yet to go.

Self Improvement Takes Time

When U are discouraged take a break, allow yourself to recoup and assess what needs to be done differently rather than rush the process and jeapordize your journey.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Failure is only one aspect of life. Defeat and disappointments have a way of slowing U down or causing you to break too soon. The key to your journey is to continue to move forward and not spend all of your time focusing on the barriers in front of U.

Life is Not A Race

Don’t forget to enjoy the view along the way. There is no sense of placing needless pressure on yourself whereby U need be at a certain place at a certain time in life. Reaching your full potential and living life fully is not a timed event. Self discipline, self control and your strength of character will allow U to withstand the hurdles U will face. Allow yourself to grow emotionally and learn from whatever life deals U. Rushing past and through feelings just because U or someone else has told U you need to move on is not in your best interest. Experience life while U live it and allow yourself to benefit from the lessons it holds.

Imagine the Future U Desire

Your mind is a wonderful thing. I recently watched the Winter Olympics and was mesmerized with the athletes and the time they took visualizing and physically acting out their performance before they actually competed in their sport. Visualization and mentally preparing yourself for success have a profound impact upon outcome.

Focusing on the past and your setbacks will determine your future and will influence every aspect of your life. If U dwell on the past, U will not be living in the present moment nor will U be able to plan for the future U.

“I will not be distracted by noise, chatter, or setbacks. Patience, commitment, grace, and purpose will guide me.”  ― Louise L. Hay