In preparation for our next learning series, it is time to examine what it means to live a full life and living life in the moment.

In our last series, Reaching Your Full Potential, the emphasis was placed on the ultimate goal; reaching your full potential. Well, now I am going to back up a bit. Rather than focusing on the end goal, I will be encouraging U to examine what it means to live a full life and how to live in the moment in this next series.

it is a cliché to say “life is a journey, not a destination” but it’s also very true.  Living your life to the fullest is a process that will take U your whole life to experience and develop. Often, in life, we fail to celebrate and enjoy the journey. Arrival happens once, the destination being a singular goal.

The process and the journey, however, can be realized in so many different ways. Understand, your hopes and dreams are different from everyone else and the path U take towards your destination can be very different, too.  U have a long road ahead so I encourage U to fill your cup, sit back, relax and enjoy your travel time while you experience your life’s journey. There will be much to see, do and experience each and every step along your way!


  1. Write down what it means for U to live a full life?
  2. What life moments have been extremely gratifying for you? How so?
  3. What are U passionate about?
  4. Identify what makes U happy and then answer why?