What Does Living A Meaningful Life Look Like?

Do U ever get the feeling that living a meaningful life is just a passing trend? Just one of those buzz phrases that captures everyone’s attention for a hot minute before something else crops up to take over. We understand the feeling, but the truth is there really is something to it. The problem lies in understanding what it really means and how U can get it for yourself.

What Living Meaningfully Means

Is it enough to savor the pleasures of life and engage in your hobbies? Is it enough to live positively and be in touch with your emotions? Is it enough? The majority of thought leaders don’t believe so. While all of those points are important to your overall happiness, so too is looking outside yourself. You see, to live a happy life that is filled with satisfaction U need meaning, as well as pleasure.

How can you give your life meaning? The answer for U likely won’t be the same as it will be for your neighbor or your best friend. For many people, their meaning is in raising their children, while for others, it is rooted in their religion, and for others it’s all about contributing to the community.

No matter what it is, what we know is that U can enhance your well-being by being part of something bigger, by engaging in things that last long beyond your life.

We all want to leave our stamp on something and be remembered positively by those we leave behind. The truth is that unless U cure cancer or invent something incredible the only people that will remember U when you’re gone are the people U knew. There’s nothing wrong with that, that’s part of humanity. Death is as inevitable as life.

That doesn’t mean U can’t make a difference to the people around U right now. Researchers in a Hungarian study found that there was a connection between a state of well-being and having a sense of meaning or purpose in life. The study invited participants to take a survey where they rated statements on well-being and life meaning. A linked study also found that people with a strong sense of meaning in their lives were more protective over their lives, thus smokers scored lower than non (and former) smokers on the life meaning scale.

Living a meaningful life is as simple as discovering your strengths and understanding your values and then using them for something that is much bigger than U.

A meaningful life, a strong sense of well-being, and happiness are three components that foster each other. Living meaningfully isn’t the same as pursuing activities and experiences that engage U and bring you joy – it means also looking outside of yourself. We are all on this planet just trying to get by, but living meaningfully is about thriving and truly living life, rather than merely surviving.

Are You Living Meaningfully?

What about U? Are U living your best life and leading a meaningful one? Or, are U still in search of something greater?

If yU feel as though you’ve changed and you’re no longer living your purpose then it may be time to reassess your values. Don’t be surprised if they do change, the truth is what was important to U at 25 probably won’t be the exact same as what U care about at 50.

It’s natural for U to evolve as people and see our views, thoughts and aspirations shift. It’s okay to tune into that and make changes in your life accordingly.

Life was meant to be lived, and curiosity must be kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life.  Eleanor Roosevelt


To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.  ─ Oscar Wilde