Endless Supply
Inside U exists an endless supply of greatness refueled by your inner desire and motivation to possess the life U wish to live. Take stock in who U and recognize your capacity for greatness is limitless!

“The basis of success is not what you have nor who you are. It is what you have become and how great you feel about yourself and the life you possess.” – Myron Sta Ana

Purpose and Vision
Know your reasons, think outside the box and change your life with your imaginative thinking.

Strong Core Values
Your core values motivate U and shape your future. They will drive your behaviors and influence your actions and move U towards your inner greatness.

Unshakeable Belief
U can’t unlock your inner greatness if U don’t believe in yourself. To achieve greatness U first must set yourself apart from everyone else. If U truly believe in your purpose and your vision then nothing can stop U from being great. For example, professional athletes and Olympians may have innate abilities to perform well and achieve success in sports. However, inner greatness is achieved because of the realization that even though ability may be inherited, capability is related to your attitude and belief that anything is possible. So much more can be achieved than what lies within U if U truly believe in yourself. Your capacity for greatness is limitless as long as U believe you are capable.

Exercise Your Greatness
If U look at individuals who have achieved greatness, U typically only see them AFTER they have become ‘GREAT’. U haven’t seen the work, the failures and the everyday struggles that have gone into their achievements. Realize your shining moment, whatever it may be for U, won’t happen overnight or in an instant. It will take time and effort and persistence to achieve your greatness.  Put your greatness to work. Practice with it everyday by setting realistic goals. The more U achieve, the more confident U will become in the goals and ambitions U have set for yourself. Greatness must be exercised to become fit.

Stay Grounded
There is nothing wrong with having lofty goals. While U shoot for the stars just remember that you can’t skip the present and the other roles U have in life – parent, teacher, mentor, son, daughter, sibling and friend. If U spend all your time and effort on the future and what U wish to achieve and forget about those around U and your other roles in life, U will lose sight of the here and now. No one can have a single role, purpose or mission in life. By staying grounded and connected to your world and your significant others, your road to greatness will be filled with many opportunities and experiences.  These opportunities and experiences will help lead U towards achieving your inner greatness.

Efficient Decision Making
It’s a choice – greatness; it’s a decision that U make. Slice away any other outcomes and insist that greatness is the only true option for U. What U believe, U can achieve.

Habits and Goals
Discipline is an important aspect of unleashing your inner greatness and one of the most effective marks of this is creating a list of daily goals for yourself. Part of success lies in repetition and taking small steps consistently over time. It requires practice, hard work, and patience in equal measure, so, develop habits that will lead to your success and quash any behaviors or habits that are holding U back.

Enjoy the Journey
Greatness is less about achieving the goal and more about the journey it takes to arrive there. So, enjoy the journey –U won’t find happiness or greatness in instant gratification. Relish your opportunities to defy the odds and overcome obstacles as U traverse the road less traveled.

Begin Today
I am sure that everyone has heard the adage, ‘do not put off until tomorrow what U can do today’. Begin to explore and experience your inner greatness today by recognizing that today will be gone in an instant. Take steps now to live the rest of each today by being your best U!

“The only thing standing between you and your awesomeness, your greatness and true happiness is you! Let yourself be and have an amazing time doing it!” – Ricardo Housham

“Do not let other people take you to a dead-end when you can find your own path to greatness.” – Myron Sta Ana