ReCreate-U is a blog created for U and others who find themselves dealing with similar issues and life struggles. I am looking for real people who are willing to be open and share their story so others may learn and be inspired. Please submit your story (not previously published elsewhere, including your own site), with your bio and photo. If you wish to remain anonymous, please let me know and I will honor your request.

Writing and expressing yourself and sharing with others is a cathartic experience and can be a very therapeutic way to release what may have been pent up for a very long time.

However, before submitting your story, I ask U to share what U have been through willingly, openly and honestly and, along with me, do so in the spirit that your experience may inspire and help others and allow them to learn from your experience.

Finally, please review and agree to the U-Inspire Submission Guidelines before U send your story, bio and photo.

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