About ReCreate-U.com

Recreation Therapy is a tool to promote health and a sense of well-being through activity, recreation and leisure skills. In order to participate, of course, the participant must be aware of what he or she brings personally to the Table of Life and what he or she needs to live life fully. Many people are lacking basic life skills and require training in social skills, time management skills, personal development skills, decision making skills, etc. Still others are unaware of how to move forward in life and pursue their dreams and reach their full potential because of roadblocks and obstacles that are in their way. Even if U are satisfied with your life, growth is always possible and within reach. I am here to help U.

About Our Name

In the dictionary the word recreate means to impart new life into something, to redo, or remake it or to refresh, renew and invigorate by means of relaxation, recreation and enjoyment, as to restore physically or mentally.  The word recreate can be pronounced two ways: REcreate or RECreate and that is exactly what I am set upon doing – helping U ReCreate yourself. As U many have noticed, I like to substitute the word U vs. using the word you in my posts. The shape of the letter U reminds me of an empty cup that is ready to be filled. That, of course, is how we should approach life…ready to be FILLED, ready to EXPERIENCE, ready to LIVE.

I will be providing a variety of tools to help U elevate yourself whether it be through recreation or by providing tools to help U ReCreate yourself. Together, we will explore U, your wants, needs, dreams and desires and find what inspires U. Let me help U ReCreate-U into the best U possible! Personally, I can’t wait to get started! How about U?